Arturo Vergara +52 1 ██████ MEX, Mexico

Skills & Interests


  • Proficient in Clojure
  • Proficient in Go
  • Familiar with Objective-C
  • Familiar with Rust
  • Familiar with Swift
  • Learning Haskell
  • Learning OCaml
  • Want to learn Erlang

Other Skills

  • Proficient in Test-Driven Development
  • Proficient in UNIX-like systems administration
  • Proficient in Git
  • Proficient in Docker
  • Familiar with Kubernetes
  • Familiar with distributed systems



2019–present Clojure
  • Writing and maintaining software to eliminate financial complexity for over 30 million customers.
  • Helping launch and grow the Mexican branch.


2018–2019 Go, Python
  • Co-architected and co-developed a ledger system to help manage various financial products.
  • Helped update a financial product tracking system to satisfy the needs of both regulators and the company.
  • Wrote backend code covering the business logic for various complex financial products.

Mazing Studio

2016–present Go, JavaScript
  • Wrote a real-time application based on Rank-Pairing Heaps, with a processing capacity of 3,226,800 operations per second on a laptop.
  • Designed a distributed system and created and maintained a Kubernetes cluster for it.
  • Implemented Scrum within the team and became Scrum Master.
  • Managed cloud infrastructure for various projects.
  • Containerized and deployed several applications.
  • Wrote backend code for multiple apps for various clients.


2013–2014 Full-stack (Go, JavaScript)
  • Wrote a modularized web app platform for enterprise software to simplify internal HR processes.
  • Deployed the aforementioned system on Google App Engine.

Rabid Videogames

2012–2013 Unity, C#
  • Worked with generative algorithms for level design.
  • Programmed the gameplay for a number of games.


2011–2012, 2013–2014 Objective-C, Go
  • Ported a geo-querying database overlay to Go.
  • Ported a Python backend to Go.
  • Took over a large iOS project written in Objective-C.
  • Implemented a number of new features in the iOS app.

Selected Projects

An AMQP client wrapper that provides easy work queue semantics, used for distributed systems communication.

Hop consists of a simple set of abstractions over AMQP concepts that allow you to think in terms of jobs and topics, rather than queues, exchanges and routing.

A minimalistic web framework with route grouping and middleware chaining.

min is designed to be as elegant and as close to "the right way to do things" as possible. Which means that it doesn't implement a lot of custom types, or does a lot of magic. It relies heavily on context and regular types from net/http.

IPv4 address parser written in yacc that allows your users to specify a range of targets in various formats for network programs.

Epitome Full-stack (Go, JavaScript)

Epitome is a standard that aims to homogenize Atom+RSS syncing across the web. It's also a self-hosted alternative to the backend part of Google Reader, written in Go.

Comfort, ease of use and elegance are Epitome's primary design goals.

A complete re-write is in progress.

Other Activities